M-OCEAN CRUISE TECHNOLOGY is the registered cooperation platform for the newly established M-OCEAN NETWORK ALLIANCE.

Our unique advantage:
We either act as general contractor for the whole supply-chain required to build cruise vessels in PR China or we deliver the missing links for turn-key shipbuilding projects (PMC=Project Management Consultant).

Our strength:
German/European team of experts, technical and classification knowledge and experience, access to ship efficiency optimisation tools, high degree of mobilisation in Germany/Europe and PR China.

With our member companies we cover the whole cruise industry requirements such as but not limited to ship financing, conceptual design/hotel design, basic engineering, detail engineering, procurement/procurement services, supervision during ship construction and we offer the cooperation with tourism organisations as well.

M-OCEAN NETWORK ALLIANCE provides ONE-STOP-SOLUTIONS for building cruise vessels – for investors, shipyards, operators – and we cover the following tasks:

Cruise/RoPax/Ferry financing resources
Cruise and classification experts
Integrated work flow with 3-D-engineering software
Conceptual design, hotel design
Basic/Detail engineering incl. of unique aft ship optimisation
Establishment of supplier chain, support for local makers lists, qualification and evaluation
Specialities: 5G / WiFi system; biosecurity technology
Procurement support
Construction supervision
Cruise tourism experts
Access to the portfolio of member companies, affiliated partners