MOVENA offers qualified clients a unique ship newbuilding design service in joint cooperation with our technology partner LR Shipdesign. The Patented Lindinger Hull optimisation considers previously widely neglected hydrodynamic and hydro-mechanical effects.

Result: fuel savings between 5% and up to 10%+ compared with optimised traditional design methods – depending on speed, vessel geometry, propeller, rudder etc. Various business cases have proven the new approach.

Passenger vessels including Artic/Antarctic going vessels benefit from the unique aft ship optmisation. In combination with reduction of vibration (order of magnitude: minus 30%; less engine maintenance required!) and reduction of noise this optimisation technology is an additional advantage for  passenger vessels and a huge benefit as far as the environmental impact is concerned.
Finally, “over tourism” is not accepted by Iceland, Norway etc any more, a natural selection of environmentally compliant vessels (noise, vibration) will take place in future.

The AFTship OPTimisation will be done based on an optimised design provided by owner, design office or shipyard. Best results can be achieved in case CFD, lines, …, hard points etc. will be made available to start optimisation from there. The optimisation results will be delivered in the respective data format (IGS).

For discussion of this proven optimisation concept and for your application to enter the new world of energy efficiency, please contact Dr. Wasmansdorff:

(photo: © R. Lindinger, Switzerland)